Toshiba L850 doesn’t Boot and/or Shows 0XC000000f error

Hi, Today we received a Laptop in the shop that had a couples of issues that the cliente described: A couple of weeks ago the Laptop started getting slower and slower, and now it wont boot into Windows. Sometimes it wont even show the Windows startup screen and it will show a error (0XC000000f) and you have to restart it.

Toshiba L850-1LK View
Toshiba L850-1LK Bootom panel View

So before anything else, we cleaned both memory slots and memory Modules, then we ran “Memtest86” for a few hours to run at least 3 passes, and everything related to the memory banks were fine… you can get Memtest86 totally free as it is a open source software, get it at:

If you Like the software, feel free to donate at there homepage, right at the bottom, they have a Donate button the redirects you to Paypal, it helps in getting free software to everyone that needs it and can’t afford to buy.

So now we tried to boot into Windows a few times and we confirmed the clients described fault. This particular Windows is in Portuguese and the client had already done a downgrade to Windows 7, as the Laptop originally came with Windows 8.

0xc000000f error
Toshiba Windows 0xc000000f error at boot up

Normally, Microsoft and other forums will tell you to do a system scan, try and boot into safe mode and all that Jazz, but since this cliente had already done a backup when his laptop stated to crash, We didn’t feel a need to waste anymore time, so we took out the hard drive and connected it to the Lab´s PC. Normally we used a copy of Ubuntu 9.10 live CD, and booted it up in the clients computer so we could test the hard drive, but recently we started using a very cool piece of software created by (H.D.S. Hungary) and its called Hard Disk Sentinel. Since we started testing the program, it has been a time saver. All you have to do is connected the hard drive via USB, open the program and select the appropriate drive, and it will tell you on the fly if it has bad sectores and what is its estimated life expectancy.

“If you want to start saving money, then start saving time”

Here’s a screenshot of this particular Hard Drive, using Hard Disk Sentinel trial version.

HD Sentinel Hard drive Test
HD Sentinel Hard drive Test – Bad Sector, Critical Health.

If you would like to help us out at Fixepedia with no extra charges to yourself, then feel free to buy this Software at we would appreciate it a lot.

So this was a pretty simple repair, we placed a new Hard Drive, installed Windows. Since this Laptop has a UEFI interface and since Windows 10 is pretty functional and all you have to do is install the correct version of Windows 10 and he will automatically activate, that’s what we opted with.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Toshiba L850 doesn’t Boot and/or Shows 0XC000000f error

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  2. CYRUS Reply

    If you’re handy, try checking the memory modules. If it has more than two, try removing one and see if it boots.

    • Fixepedia Post authorReply

      Hi Cyrus,
      Thanks for the comment, but that was the first thing we tried, and it turned out to be the Hard drive, that’s one of the reasons we use Hard Disk Sentinel as our go to software for these type of issues.

      Thanks for reading.

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