Don’t get locked outside!

Today’s post is a little different, it’s not a repair and it’s not a review, but just a little FYI about today’s door lock technology. A few day’s back a friend of mine told me about a special type of lock for your home entry door, or any other door that you wish to use and that doesn’t require a physical Key, but can be unlocked just via a security code or Some RF cards that come with the device when purchased.
I’m talking about the Samsung SHS-2920 EX Smart Door Lock, and the design of the Lock is pretty slick and the functionality seems pretty good and fast from what i have been able to see.

This lock comes in the box with:

  • 6 KeyTags included: 2 Keychain Type, 2 Sticker Type, 2 Card Type
  • Full English Manual: User Manual, Installation Manual, Installation Template Guide

**From what i could gather, the door Thickness should be between 35mm and 80mm.**

These are some of the main features that i found in there description:

RF Auto Polling Function
Just 1 second! No wake-up step! (Automatic Detection Mode)

Random Security code Feature
With the random security code feautre, homeowners can feel extra safe that passwords will never be exposed. After pressing enter, utilizing a two digit random number input system before inputting one’s pre-determined password increases security and safety.

Slim, Glossy and Trendy Design
High golssy body frame, Latest touch pad design, Thinness of 16.5mm, Blue backlighting

One-Touch Security Setup
Simply pressing the security button before going out enhances the security during an emergency. Any attempt to forced entry attempts or any repeated authentication failures will trigger an alarm sound. In addition, when using the security setup, any attempt to handle the lock-system from the inside, such as, after an intruder enters through the window and exits through the door, the alarm will trigger.

Password and Smart Card Double Authentication Mode
Additional security is available using the double authentication mode. In this mode that door will only open after both password and key-tag has been recognized and confirmed.

Key Pad Volume Control
With the ability to set and adjust the number pad volume, this feature makes living more comfortable if arriving home late at night or when a baby is sleeping.

2920 Example
Samsung SHS-2920 EX Smart Door Lock – Functionality Description

I will try to review other types of locks in the future, but in the mean while i hope this helped, and if you liked this post, please remember to share.

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