Fix and change the Folder View in all folders in Windows

One of the most frustrating problems in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 is the automatic change of a folder view type. Basically when you set a user view type of a folder (such as a list, large icons, details, etc) after a while Windows will automatically change its view type to “Pictures and Videos” or any other view type when you copy a picture or video file to this folder. This happens because of the “Automatic Folder Type Discovery” feature which was introduced in Windows Vista but instead of making our life easier, this feature has made the life of Windows users frustrating as Windows doesn’t remember your customized view types for folders and automatically keeps resetting the view type based on folder content.

Now you can fix this annoying problem, if your want to set the same view for all your folders, then all you have to do is to follow these simple steps to fix this problem:

You can apply same folder view settings to all folders using following steps:

1. In Windows Explorer, open any folder and customize its view type to your preferred view such as large icons or details, etc.

Windows Folder
Any folder in windows

2. Now open Folder Options (go to the “Tools” menu in Windows XP, or go to the “Organize” menu in Windows Vista and 7, from “Ribbon” View in Windows 8 and later).

windows folder options
windows folder options

3. Go to View tab in Folder Options and click on “Apply to Folders” button.

Apply Folder View Windows
How to Apply Folder View in Windows

That’s it Folks. Immediately Windows will apply the current folder view type settings to all the folders in your computer from now on.

Thanks for reading.

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