Acer One 10 (d16h1) recovery key – F9 not working

Hi Guy’s

Today i have a Acer One 10 (d16h1) and in this video i’ll show you how to enter the windows boot menu to allow a repair or reinstallation of Windows 10.
The problem on this device from what the cliente explained, was that the machine had done a update on the previus day an it did not finish, leaving this computer in a loop.
It was constantly booting up, then it would say that it was attempting to restore windows to the previus state, but then it would just reboot and continue this cycle for hours.
The big issue here is that normally on these machines you boot them up and press F9 to enter the menu, but nothing seemed to work. I tried F9… Alt+F9… Fn+F9… F10… etc…. Nothing… So i then realized that if press Alt+F10 while you turn on the machine it would then boot up to the recovery menu… so i hope this was in someway helpfull.


FYI: This particular laptop would not let me do a clean install with a Windows 10 64bit version. It wouldn’t even recognize the installation DVD or pen-drive, so i thought it was some other problem, likely the Bios settings or something else, so i spent hour fiddling around the Bios Settings and getting pretty frustrated with such a basic problem… Then after some online research i discovered that this Bios has a Advance Setting that i could not discover how to access, but it led me to try something else. I decided to try a Windows 10 32Bit DVD, and wouldn’t you it?? It booted up the installation menu, and i was finally in like Flynn!

“Sometimes the solution is more simple than it seems”

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