HP Pavilion G6-2017SP Turns on but no display

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Today’s repair is a HP Pavilion G6-2017SP, that turns on, is lights up the power led’s, HDD led’s, etc… but does not show any picture on the display.. it’s totally black. This is a common fault on HP Models with AMD Graphics GPU Chip, and basically you have 4 options:

– Option 1: Reflow the GPU Chip and this will probably solve the issue for a while, normally between 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the state of the GPU chip, because the main problem is the GPU chip and not the solder underneath.

– Option 2: Replace the GPU, it’s a good solution, but you have to be quite lucky and buy a new or at a working AMD GPU Chip. Because there are a lot of sellers out there that sell you Chips claiming to be “new”, but they really just refurbished and badly refurbished at best. Then you will have to have the time, equipment and labor to solder it on the board, and remember that no one give warranty on a soldered chip (That’s cute ain’t it? and quite convenient) but if you want a dedicated Graphics chip that’s your choice… or go with the next option, that is…

– Option 3: Buy a new or refurbished motherboard. Great option if you can get it at a good price and only buy it if they offer a proper 1 or 2 year warranty, then you will have yourself a good deal, because let’s face it, if you gonna spend money to change your motherboard so you can benefit from having a dedicated GPU Chip then it’s only fair that you get to have a proper warranty.

– Option 4: Try the method on this video, that is cheap and is for someone that doesn’t mind giving up their dedicated GPU Chip and just wants to surf the web, deal with normal everyday tasks, then this is the choice for you. This repair serves one purpose, that is to deactivate the dedicated AMD Gpu Chip and activate the UMA intel chip to be the primary graphics card. It is a cheap repair because you can do it just with a soldering iron, but i would recommend the use of a hot air station for the resistor location change.

Watch the video to see the whole process:


Important note: One of the main reasons the you had this problem to begin with is that you probably used the laptop on Top of hot, dirty, or uneven surfaces like a mattress or on your lap. And all those little fibers over time got trapped inside the heat-sink, which leads to not enough airflow and then a overheating issue. So whichever option you choose it is extremely important that you clean and change the thermal paste of the CPU. I personally use Artic Cooling MX-2, High-Performance Thermal Compound, which i believe to be one of the best Thermal compound on the market.

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