How to bypass FRP Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices without any PC or OTG – Version 6.0.1

In this video i’ll show you how to bypass a FRP Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices without any PC or OTG – Version 6.0.1

Today i’m bringing something totally different from i normally do on a day to day basis. Someone brought in a Samsung J5 (2016) That had a pass-code that they didn’t remember, and normally you could just do a system restore by using the power button, home and volume up key when booting the device and it should just remove everything and then it would be as it came out of the box….

but no no… what a surprise, the minute you start to configure the device a message appears that states “an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings”. This is a new protection that requires you to insert the previous google account that logged on to that phone. And this is all fine and dandy, it protects you from phone thief, but what happens if you truly don’t have that information for some reason? Well, luckily, at least for now in firmware 6.0.1 it has a workaround which i’ll show you in the embedded video at Top. This Technic doesn’t require any use of a Thumb drive, nor a OTG Cable, or even the use of a computer…. you just need yourself and a WiFi connection, so i wish you a happy unlocking.

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