What is Fixepedia?

About Us

Fixepedia is a site that’s all about solving problems, namely, computer problems. We will be covering software and hardware issues. Eventually our hope is to be able to grow from computers, phones, tablets, laptops up to all sorts of gadgets and so on… Creating a site that one day will storage repair guides for almost all known devices.

The name Fixepedia is a blend of three names, “Fix”, “Electronic” and “Knowledge”, which represents the basis of what we stand for and hope to achieve.

What's going on in the Tech Industry, and so on...

Latest News

Ever since the Start of the industrial revolution, the world has grown in a extremely rapid pace, and this is especially true in the tech world. Here in Fixepedia’s news section we will try and give our readers an up to date information about the latest in the Tech repair world, but we will also try our best to spark some interest in new gadgets, prototypes and whatever we find interesting and relevant at the moment. Stay tuned and remember, “If it´s Broke, don’t worry… because it might have Fixing”


Don’t get locked outside!

Today’s post is a little different, it’s not a repair and it’s not a review, but just a little FYI about today’s door lock technology. A few day’s back a …