Asus X54H No Power – DC Jack Issue

Hi Guy’s,

Today i got a laptop that i get a lot in the store to repair this particular issue. The Laptop is Asus X54H in this case, but there are a few Asus laptops that are pretty similar in construction and that use the same type of DC Jack.
The Problem that clients normally complain about has all to do with the DC Jack and the symptoms usually are something like: Laptop won’t turn on, Laptop has no power, It doesn’t charge, or it charges and stops charging if i mess around with the charger cable or input.
The reason that i mention that it most likely is the DC Jack is because the DC Jack has a center Pin that breaks between the Jack and the mounting hole, which you can only be certain by first performing a short test: Without the battery inserted, connect it to a power supply and try to turn it on, if it turns on then shake the cable and see if it switched off…. if you have to mess around with the cable to turn on then that a dead giveaway also.
Second of all you have to open the laptop to be 100% sure.

Then there’s the issue of the charger, try to see if the charger is black inside the connector, and after performing the repair, please make sure the clients laptop charger works well with the new DC Jack and make double sure the the DC Jack connector isn’t heating up.
What happens is that sometimes, when these DC Jacks are failing and they take some time to do so, it will start to generate oxidation and then resistance and by that it will generate heat and destroy the chargers connector… So to make sure that the laptop doesn’t come back for a second repair and you suspect that the clients Charger isn’t in Top shape then do yourself a favor and convince the client to buy a new one, explain the above argument.

Here is the video from my YouTube Channel demonstrating this repair from start to Finish:

It’s a preventive repair and will save time and money in the Future.

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